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E-Learning & Instructional Design

Implementing an effective e-learning strategy requires more than just posting course content to the web or importing old PowerPoint slides into a new digital authoring tool. Professional e-learning instructional designers know how to deliver information in digital formats that can motivate learners, improve their skills and change their behaviors. This two-course certificate program gives you

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Software Product Management

Producing great software requires talent, teamwork and leadership. An effective product manager – the individual who orchestrates all stages of the development process, from product conception to market delivery – plays an essential part in the launch of any impactful technology. In this two-semester program, you’ll develop the foundational skills and knowledge to thrive in

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Agile Application Development

Learn how to design, plan and create data-driven applications using the Python language. Over the two courses in this certificate you’ll learn how to create multiple applications, each one increasing in complexity as you build real-world data structures and programs. You’ll develop the ability to design, plan and create complex applications and their data structures

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Mid-Level Leadership & Organizational Change in Higher Education

Higher education is comprised of complex systems. When examining higher education through an organizational lens, it’s helpful to look at the entire system, internally and externally, rather than focus on specific divisions, departments or individual functions. Effective organizational analysis emphasizes conceptual models, and looks at ways we can apply these models to real institutional contexts

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