Learn how to design, plan and create data-driven applications using the Python language. Over the two courses in this certificate you’ll learn how to create multiple applications, each one increasing in complexity as you build real-world data structures and programs. You’ll develop the ability to design, plan and create complex applications and their data structures using Agile development methodologies and object-oriented programming techniques. Gain the professional IT skills desired by employers everywhere!


The certificate consists of two courses taken over two semesters. Each course features a series of weekly modules that students must complete during that week. Each module includes video to watch, text to read, activities to perform, and papers to write. The courses build on each other and must therefore be taken in order.

Course 1:
Programming Applications

This course explores the fundamentals of programming, teaching you how to create both simple and more advanced applications. You’ll learn the key techniques and concepts of application development, and by the end you’ll have created a multi-tiered application that stores its data in a relational database.

Master Key Concepts

  • Variables, assignments and simple input/output
  • Conditional logic to process user i/o
  • String methods, sequences and loops
  • Data collection in complex sets
  • Functions and code modules
  • Data files and exception handling
  • Object-oriented programming and abstraction concepts
  • Data-driven applications, database abstraction and transactional processing
  • Graphical user interfaces

Course 2:
Application Development

This course covers how to design, plan, manage, create and refactor data-driven applications. You’ll develop a variety of different applications throughout the course, using real-world, multi-milestone development cycles to complete your projects.

Master Key Concepts

  • Project planning and Agile development
  • Source control using GitHub
  • Middle-tier components and test harnesses
  • File-based data storage using HTML, CSV and JSON
  • Console-based and graphical user interfaces
  • Relational databases and structures
  • Transactional components and applications
  • Professional project documentation approaches
  • Application release and deployment strategies


Kate Morris
Senior Software Engineer | DXC Technology

Kate Morris is a Senior Software Engineer at DXC Technology’s New Orleans Digital Transformation Center. With 10 years of coding experience, Kate specializes in agile application development for enterprise environments, utilizing design thinking processes to deliver customer-centric solutions.

Prior to DXC Technology, Kate developed and implemented train control software for light rail organizations across the U.S. for Modern Communication Systems. Kate received a bachelor’s in computer science with a concentration in video game design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She has continued her professional development by successfully completing the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification. Kate is preparing to sit for the AWS Cloud Developer and Jira Administrator Certifications. Kate has co-developed technical trainings with learning and development specialists and places a high value on educating the next generation of technical professionals.

When Kate’s not working, she’s around town with her family or prepping for her D&D campaign.