Leadership and Team Development

Note: Courses must be taken in order.


Succeeding in today’s competitive workplace requires innovation, determination, and vision, but just as importantly, leaders who can harness these energies through teamwork into quantifiable results. Whether in the corporate, academic, public, or nonprofit sector, leadership skills and training are in more demand than ever, and the Certificate in Leadership and Team Development provides a timely and cost-effective way to develop these vital skills.

Course 1:
Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership is about building a culture of commitment to increase thriving at work and positive change for everyone in the organization using evidence-based tools to amplify what is working well in an organization.  This course will teach you the foundational principles of Positive Leadership and how to create a business culture that maximizes employee potential.

Master Key Concepts:

Culture-driving vision, mission and values statements

Communication tools that will help you build consensus and push agendas forward

Strategies to positively influence those around you without relying on “command and control” methods

Key personal development methods to help you grow in your resilience, emotional intelligence and executive presence

Course 2:
Strategic Planning

Learning the intricacies of what Strategic Planning is, how and why it is done,  and getting your “hands dirty” creating your own strategic plan will give you the experience you need to move the dial in your organization.  This course will teach you the basics you need to know to create a clear and actionable strategic plan that can be used to guide your organization into the future and keep stakeholders accountable.

Master Key Concepts:

Strategic Planning: What is it and why do we need one?

Elements of Goal Setting: How to set and achieve goals related to Strategic Planning

Stages of Strategic Planning: What are the stages of Strategic Planning and the How To’s of getting this done

Practicum: Getting started on creating a strategic plan

Course 3:
Building Effective Teams

Organizing, supervising, and coaching high performing teams is an essential skill for successful leaders. This course will teach you the nuts and bolts of team development including hiring, onboarding, communicating, creating rapport, and building team culture.

Master Key Concepts:

  • The true definition of a team
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Team culture, virtual teams, and global teams
  • Integrating teams into the larger organization

Course 4:
Resolving Conflicts

Resolving conflict is a critical competency for every leader, regardless of the size or nature of the organization. This course will teach you how to effectively identify, respond to, and resolve conflict in your organization.

Master Key Concepts:

Recognizing the cost of conflict and the effect of different conflict styles

Conflict resolution strategies and how and when to use them

Intercultural communication skills

Harnessing the power of positive conflict

Course Instructors

Courses 1, 2 & 3:

Kimberly Hill Putman
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Kimberly Hill Putman is an experienced Professional Certified Coach (PCC) to C-suite and senior level executives and emerging leaders. She is distinguished by her expertise in coaching leaders through transitions of all types including integration into new corporate cultures, team restructuring and executive alignment.  She works with clients to clarify mission, vision, and values, create strategic plans and ensure congruence.  Corporate leaders hire her to advance their personal and professional growth, and she is often engaged to help clients seeking competitive CEO positions.

Course 4:

Sandra Anderson
Hospitality & Retail Management

With more than twenty-two years of experience in the hospitality and retail industries, Sandra Anderson is an experienced trainer who has worked with numerous regional companies and educational institutions such as Hotard Coaches, Accor Hotels, Delgado, and The University of New Orleans. She has extensive experience in employee development and has designed Leadership materials and curricula, delivered training, and designed and conducted classroom instruction and facilitation throughout the country.