Managing and Leading Multigenerational Teams (UNO Campus)

multiracial business group in the office at a meeting, concept of multigenerational people working together

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Hours: 6

Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever, especially when it comes to age. Getting multiple generations to work together effectively is critical for business success at all levels. Managers gain an understanding of the complexity of leading a workgroup comprised of four or even five generations: The Traditionalists, The Baby Boomers, The Gen Xers, The Millennials, and The Gen Zers. Learn the differences in the cultures in which each generation was raised and their experiences and how this influences their view of work itself and teamwork. Learn what you can do when managing an employee young enough to be your child and old enough to be your parent. Plus, learn how to leverage each generation’s unique strengths and foster better teamwork and greater productivity.

Topics and What You Will Learn:

  • Identifying and eliminating the myths and misconceptions of generational diversity in the workplace
  • The business impact of generational diversity
  • Identifying generations strengths, blind spots, and misperceptions
  • Understanding the impact of other diversity issues on teamwork and productivity
  • Building and implementing a generational-oriented team performance plan
  • Understanding the impact of the four different personality types on teamwork and productivity

Target Audience:

Managers at all levels who want to enhance their ability to reduce conflicts and enhance higher levels of teamwork and performance in multi-generational teams.



Key Concepts