Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) for Leaders

Wooden cubes with the expression 'IQ' 'Intelligence Quotient' to 'EQ' 'Emotional Intelligence Quotient'.


Dates: 11/18/2022-11/18/2022 | Hours: 6 | CEUs: 0.6

Leading at any level in today’s world requires building Emotional Intelligence (a.k.a. EI and EQ).  Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand how and why people relate and react to situations the way they do.   In this course, you’ll learn about emotional intelligence and the common characteristics shared by emotionally intelligent leaders. You will learn about the value of emotions and how they affect your working relationships and your success. You will also learn how to develop personal emotional intelligence skills like self-awareness and self-regulation. And you’ll explore ways to build relational competencies like social awareness and social skills that will enhance your ability to lead others especially through difficult situationss a leader

Target Audience:

Managers at all levels who want to learn more about how E. I. has a direct impact on their management and leadership effectiveness, and how to enhance their Emotional Intelligence

Key Concepts