Effective Goal Setting, Decision Making, and Problem-Solving

Stressed business concept,  business decision  for strategy startup of business investment


Dates: 04/05/2023-09/30/2022 Hours: 6 | CEUs: 0.6

This workshop will take you step-by-step through from the big picture thinking and goal setting down to the daily details of planning and achieving results for yourself and your team. We will also explore defined methods for effective goal setting and achievement, the critical ability to solve problems systematically and how to make clear, correct decisions under pressure. We also explore how to lead your team to success through empowered goal-oriented, emotional intelligence, and effective communication.

Target Audience:

This workshop is designed for team leads, supervisors, managers and executives who desire to learn practical strategies and techniques that will assist them in setting important and realistic goals, solve problems effectively and make good decisions.

Key Concepts