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Software Product Management

COURSE 1:  Strategy & Design
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COURSE 2:  Development & Growth
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Certificate Overview

Producing great software requires talent, teamwork and leadership. An effective product manager – the individual who orchestrates all stages of the development process, from product conception to market delivery – plays an essential part in the launch of any impactful technology. In this two-semester program, you’ll develop the foundational skills and knowledge to thrive in this pivotal business role.

You’ll learn how to establish the product vision, generate cross-functional collaboration and build stakeholder consensus. We’ll examine the latest tools, trends, and techniques in product management, and you’ll sharpen your ability to analyze and leverage data and market insights. Build the real-world skills and confidence to deliver products that find lasting success in the marketplace.

Key Concepts

  • Product Discovery: Market research, competitive analysis, opportunity identification, and business modelling
  • Product Validation: Ideation, concepting, and hypothesis validation with various user research methodologies
  • Product Definition and Design: User persona development, minimal viable product, user flows and journey mapping, human-centered design, prototyping and A/B testing
  • Product Development: Agile and Lean methodologies
  • Product Measurement: Data-driven iterative cycles of build, measure, and learn
  • Product Launch and Sustenance: Multipronged go-to-market strategies for new and existing markets; growth, engagement, and retention strategies for early stage, mid-stage, and mature products

Instructor Insights

What is the job market like for software product managers right now?
The job market for product managers is heating up. With devices and data becoming a greater part of our everyday lives, it takes professionals that speak two languages, technology & business.
What is the value of earning a certificate in this field? How do employers view certificates these days?
Most product managers work in other roles before pursuing a product position. They may only have experience in marketing or software engineering, so having a product management certificate can help hiring managers see them as a better fit.
How do certificate programs like this one reflect the latest knowledge and skills in the field?
The benefit of certificate programs like this is that they are taught by working professionals. Instructors are currently working in the field and bring current, real world experience to the program. I only teach topics that have worked for me in my career.
What is the online learning experience like? Why is this format of value to students?
The online experience is designed for maximum flexibility for students. Modules are designed to be interactive and engaging.
What do you personally bring to the program (in terms of your background, knowledge and experience)?
I have over twenty years experience in digital products. But it started a lot earlier than that! At age 8, I was writing choose your own adventure games on one of the first home computers. I grew up with the tech revolution, seeing the inventions of the internet, iPhones, Facebook, and Google. I’ve launched tablet computing apps, interactive video ads, and I’m now a part of streaming tv for broadcasters. I’ve spent my whole career inventing things and love sharing my experiences with students.
Anything else prospective students should know about the value of this program? Other comments?
This program includes examples from business-to-business and direct-to-consumer solutions. You’ll hear about applications across mobile, desktop, browsers, connected devices and the internet of things. We’ll talk about large enterprises and startups. Students will examine dozens of topics through the lens of product management.


Gautam Rao Gautam Rao
Roy Firestone Roy Firestone
Principal Product Manager | Verizon Media
Shilpi Jaiswal Shilpi Jaiswal
Senior Product Manager | Macys Inc.
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