Offshore Wind Economics for Complete Beginners

Floating wind turbines installed in sea. Alternative energy source


Scholarships Available

Offshore Wind Economics for Complete Beginners, part of The PaCE Offshore Wind Program, is developed and offered by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and Ken Kasriel. This initial course offering is available only to a limited number of participants through a competitive scholarship process.

When does an offshore wind (OSW) farm create economic value for its developers? How would you measure and model such value anyway? What do you need for a good site? Why are people building or investigating development opportunities in some places but not others? If you’re curious about such things but new to offshore wind energy, or to project equity cash flow modeling. or both, this detailed but accessible first pathway course explores these very questions. And other questions, like how can we use the credible estimates of site-specific wind data to feed a cash flow model? How much do today’s big utility scale offshore wind farms cost to build, operate and remove? How can you assess competing development options when there are uncertainties and lots of moving parts?

These and more are covered in what PaCE at UNO is proud to present as “Offshore Wind Economics for Complete Beginners”, a course developed and offered by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and Ken Kasriel. PaCE at UNO is amongst the first in the country to offer training for the future-of-energy workforce in a convenient online format. This one-of-a-kind course exemplifies PaCE’s innovative new offerings designed to give our learners a leg up in emerging and in-demand careers.

It is an online, self-contained and self-paced hands-on course for those thinking about a future in the commercial side of offshore wind. So, if you’re thinking about a career in offshore wind energy, or if you’re an employer looking to help get new, and/or offshore wind energy-aware but not yet specialized staff to a good start, or are just curious, this is the course for you!

Key Concepts