Discovering, Developing and Evaluating Entrepreneurial Ideas


This course is designed for future founders as well as investors that are interested in evaluating new business ideas. If you are an innovator, investor, a startup mentor, or manage a fund, incubator, accelerator or an “intra”-preneurial wind energy project, this course is for you! Watch this space for information about the course.

If you identify as one or more of the above, and would like create an impact on climate change, accelerate the adoption of renewable energy, or make real-world wind energy data actionable for your emerging new business, be sure to also enroll in one or more of PACE’s inaugural courses in the PACE Offshore Wind Program, and begin your journey towards earning an Offshore Wind Innovation Master Certificate from PACE, today. These include PACE’s Virtual Panel event on Overview of the Offshore Wind Opportunity, and the online courses Offshore Wind Economics for Beginners, and Data Analytics, with more to come.

Contact us below to learn about the benefits of combining two or more courses to demonstrate increasing levels of offshore wind competency to advance your goals in wind.

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