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Digital Marketing

COURSE 1:  Strategy & Communications
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COURSE 2:  Digital Marketing Channels
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Certificate Overview

Digital Marketing includes all comprehensive marketing efforts involved with promoting and selling products and services through online channels. While innovation and technology are constantly evolving, the basics of digital marketing reflect the same foundations as traditional marketing: reaching a target audience with a prescriptive message, in order to form a connection that leads to action. This program will teach you the full integration of a strategic marketing campaign and the tools and processes necessary to put your plan into motion.  Topics will cover marketing strategy, content marketing, website, automation, social media, owned media, paid media, and email marketing.

The certificate consists of two courses taken over two semesters. Each course features a key concept or project, building up to a full course portfolio that students will have as a showcase piece at the end. Lecture, reading, group assignments, projects and guest speakers will cover the variety of topics included in these courses for a dynamic learning environment. The courses build on each other and must therefore be taken in order.


Rachel Harris Ledet Rachel Harris Ledet
30|90 Marketing


“My favorite part of the class is the openness in the group that we have; it’s a very friendly and open class that is very excited about the topics that have come up. Everyone is trying to improve themselves as well as the future business they are getting into.”

— Colin Sternhill

“I have picked up things and I’m constantly thinking “how I can apply this to my work?” I’ve even contacted some of my friends who are entrepreneurs, to talk about how we could work on some of their branding.”

— Danielle Coco

“The most valuable part of this class is the real-word experience we receive from our instructor; she provides us with real-life, real-time information.”

— Serina Phoenix

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