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Agile Application Development

COURSE 1:  Programming Applications
Dates coming soon  Earn up to 2.7 CEUs

COURSE 2:  Application Development
Dates coming soon  Earn up to 2.7 CEUs

Certificate Overview

Learn how to design, plan and create data-driven applications using the Python language. Over the two courses in this certificate you’ll learn how to create multiple applications, each one increasing in complexity as you build real-world data structures and programs. You’ll develop the ability to design, plan and create complex applications and their data structures using Agile development methodologies and object-oriented programming techniques. Gain the professional IT skills desired by employers everywhere!

The certificate consists of two courses taken over two semesters. Each course features a series of weekly modules that students must complete during that week. Each module includes video to watch, text to read, activities to perform, and papers to write. The courses build on each other and must therefore be taken in order.

Key Concepts

Upon completion of this certificate program, students should be able to:

  • Design and script a simple application in Python
  • Identify and explain key techniques and concepts in application development
  • Configure and implement a relational database
  • Develop and implement a project plan for a complex application
  • Leverage GitHub for ensuring source and version control
  • Explain the components of console-based and graphical user interfaces
  • Produce a portfolio of work demonstrating technical skills


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