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Certificate IN
Interior Design Fundamentals

Certificate Overview

Interior designers mix artistic and analytic skills to create environments that are safe and sustainable, comfortable and creative, while functional and aesthetically pleasing. Designed as an introduction for aspiring designers, decorators, hobbyists, and homeowners, the Certificate in Interior Design Fundamentals program will teach you how interior design shapes the way we live, work, and play.

Led by a local design industry professional, and grounded in the basic principles of interior design, this sixteen-week evening program focuses on providing students a foundation in interior design. Students will diversify and strengthen their current skills by learning the history of interiors, the fundamental principles and elements of design, specification and materials, and the best practices that professional designers employ to turn vision into reality. Explore the basics of design, learn how to plan both visually appealing and functional spaces, and gain an understanding of how interior design has and continues to evolve throughout history. The Certificate in Interior Design Fundamentals delivers these building blocks of design practice in a single concentrated program that is ideal for anyone interested in the general study, practice, or profession of interior design.

Key Concepts

  • Learn the fundamentals of interior design
  • Understand the interior design process, including research, programming, and design development
  • Recognize the key elements of space planning and function of interior space
  • Learn the essentials of color theory, material and finish selection, furniture design, and lighting
  • Understand impacts of the built environment on quality of human life


Lindsay Hellwig Lindsay Hellwig
Interior designer/Design Project Manager | Tulane University
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