Certified Bookkeeper

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Hours: 140 | Duration: 6 months


This unique, comprehensive online bookkeeping certification course is designed for professional bookkeepers. It reinforces key bookkeeping concepts, definitions, and calculations you have likely encountered in your bookkeeping education and career and prepares you for the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) national certification exam. Throughout this bookkeeper training, you will have access to resources such as videos, interactive activities, and hands-on exercises that will solidify your grasp of critical information necessary to your success as a bookkeeper. We will also use these and other tools to prepare you for the exam, including practice quizzes, exams, and strategies for conducting your preparation leading up to and encompassing the exam day.

We have assembled this online bookkeeping course to help you successfully complete the AIPB exam because the AIPB certification is a high professional standard. Becoming a Certified Bookkeeper™ (CB) can increase your earning potential, enhance your professional status, and give you a decisive edge in the job market. Parts 1 and 2 of the exam are offered at any of over 300 Prometric test centers nationwide. Parts 3 and 4 of the exam are open-book tests that come with your workbooks. CBs are to bookkeeping what Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are to accounting: the cream of the profession.

The Certified Bookkeeper course includes prepaid vouchers with enrollment that provides access to sit for the AIPB certification exams—making it a leader among other certified bookkeeper courses. Detailed instructions regarding the certification application, exams, and the use of the vouchers at any Prometric Test Center are available within the course.

Please Note: The Certified Bookkeeper course is designed for experienced bookkeepers who want to prepare for national certification. To succeed in this course, you must have at least two years of experience as a bookkeeper before enrolling. The books, materials, and exam fees are non-refundable upon registration.



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