Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Innovation Academy Courses

What can I expect from an Innovation Academy course?
Innovation Academy courses are designed to be short-term, immersive, and flexible to quickly introduce learners to key competencies in professional fields. Students should expect to commit 7 – 12 hours per week to instructor lectures, activities, readings, and projects.

How long are Innovation Academy courses?
The duration of most courses is 6 – 8 weeks.

Are the courses taught online or in person?
At the present time, all Innovation Academy courses will be offered online.

What equipment would I need for a course?
Students will need access to a computer and Internet connection.

What is the application process for Innovation Academy?
There is a two-step process: a written application and an interview with program staff.

Who are your instructors?
Instructors are selected for their expertise and professional experience in their respective fields. Students can expect that instructors have a strong knowledge base about what is needed to succeed in the workplace, as well as emerging trends in their fields.

Are there other opportunities besides courses?
Yes! In the coming months, Innovation Academy will offer work-based learning opportunities with local business partners. Course completion is required for these competitive positions.

Are the courses transferable as UNO credits?
Not at this time. Innovation Academy courses are offered independently of UNO’s undergraduate and graduate offerings.

What will I receive at the end of the course?
Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

I do not live in the state of Louisiana. May I apply for admission to the Innovation Academy?
At this time, only residents of Louisiana (aged 18 and over) can be admitted into the Innovation Academy.


What is an apprenticeship?
Our apprenticeships are based on a learning framework that fosters the development of competitive skills by combining cohort-based instruction and hands-on training. You’ll take what you’ve learned in your Innovation Academy coursework and apply it in a paid position at a partner employer.

How do I qualify for an apprenticeship?
To qualify, you must be in good standing in your course and successfully complete the apprenticeship application process. This consists of a written application and a panel interview, as well as a review of your background, references, Innovation Academy coursework, etc.

Why should my business consider hosting apprentices?
Great question! Work-based learning programs help employers develop highly-skilled talent, reduce turnover rates, and lower the cost of talent recruitment. Additionally, our programs are built on industry standards and the apprenticeship component helps tailor the program to the specific needs of your business. Businesses may qualify for cost-sharing resources available for apprenticeship program sponsors, reducing an employer’s necessary investment in program costs.

I’m an employer interested in hosting apprentices, but I do not currently have a framework in place. Can I still host a placement?
Yes! The Innovation Academy team will provide you with all of the tools and guidance necessary to ensure a successful experience for both you and your apprentice(s). We’ll handle the heavy lifting, including recruiting and reporting, so you can focus on mentoring apprentices and helping them grow professionally.

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