Participants will learn how to increase their organization’s visibility, develop a mission, and share their organizational stories with efficacy and impact. Participants will learn the fundamentals of strategic public relations, including brand development and management, crisis communications plans, and writing strategies.

Master Key Concepts

  • Strategic PR planning
  • Understanding and leveraging social media and digital influencers
  • Establishing a plan for both routine PR and for crisis communications
  • Making objective decisions supported by facts
  • Communicating your story through the news media


Gordon Payne
Instructor, Department of Management & Marketing | University of New Orleans

Gordon Payne is a full-time Instructor in the Department of Management & Marketing at UNO, where he teaches Business Communication and Business Communication Oral classes. Gordon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Loyola University in New Orleans in 1980. He advanced from early jobs as a film cameraman and editor, to video producer, to supervisor of his company’s Graphics department, and finally served as Corporate Communications Manager and Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve project.

Since 2013, Gordon has served as president of the Louisiana Quality Foundation, the state level version of the national Malcolm Baldrige Program in the U. S. Department of Commerce. He has been a state-level certified examiner since 2003 and has been involved since then in related performance improvement programs, acting as a key member of the team that earned the 2005 Baldrige Award with DM Petroleum Operations Co.

Gordon started teaching at UNO in 2006; in 2015, he retired from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to focus on his preferred profession as an adjunct professor.


Larry Lovell
Vice President, Director of Public Relations | PETERMAYER

As a VP at Louisiana’s largest integrated marketing agency, Larry manages the strategic direction and growth of the firm’s PR department, ensuring integrated, effective programs to drive results and maximum exposure for its clients.

Larry has extensive PR experience managing a team of five people, and his work has been recognized with dozens of awards from respected marketing and media organizations. He is a multi-disciplined PR practitioner and has led media relations campaigns and events of national, regional and local significance.  A few of his noteworthy projects include the reopening of the Louisiana Superdome post-Hurricane Katrina, the 2009 expansion of the National WWII Museum with Tom Hanks and Tom Brokaw, launching the New Orleans Advocate, introducing the new Hancock Whitney Bank brand, and the recent opening of the new Louisiana Children’s Museum at New Orleans City Park.

Before joining PETERMAYER 17 years ago, he was the marketing director for the Louisiana State Museum system and worked in the health insurance industry.