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Certificate IN

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Certificate Overview

Today’s critical environmental problems present monumental challenges globally, nationally, and locally. However, opportunities also exist right here in New Orleans for enterprising professionals and change makers to build a versatile skill set in sustainability and begin making a difference in our local communities. The Certificate in Sustainability program provides students with international and regional perspectives on trends in sustainability and the tangible tools and practical skills students can use to make our lives, businesses, and the New Orleans and Gulf region more sustainable.

Over sixteen informative, interactive, and eye-opening evening sessions, students in the program will be challenged to envision themselves as leaders making consequential decisions regarding sustainability. Students will learn from an array of examples drawn from local New Orleans organizations, government offices, and individual guest speakers who are making the transition to more sustainable operations, while also gaining valuable professional connections and contacts with local experts in a wide variety of fields in sustainability. The Certificate in Sustainability offers a timely and affordable introduction to this increasingly important field of study, providing students with a general overview of sustainability as well as specific and practical steps students can use to make New Orleans a better place to live and call home.

This course will be offered in Fall 2021. Please check back later for official dates.

Key Concepts

  • The history of sustainable development and current global, national, and local trends in sustainability.
  •  Metrics used for measuring sustainability such as life-cycle analyses, greenhouse gas inventories, utility energy-efficiency incentives, and environmental accounting.
  • Tools and techniques for implementing sustainability into our home and work lives to strengthen communities.
  • Professional connections to leading local experts in sustainability’s numerous sectors: energy, food systems, waste reduction, government policy, business, transportation, and communications.


Camille Pollan Camille Pollan
Program Manager | City of New Orleans’ Office of Resilience and Sustainability
Kevin Fitzwilliam Kevin Fitzwilliam
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