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Certificate IN
Professional Sales Leadership

Professional Sales Leadership
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Certificate Overview

Top sales professionals are always in demand, no matter the industry, and successful selling is a life skill that applies to all careers. The Certificate in Professional Sales Leadership program will teach you how you to sell yourself to employers, pitch your ideas, and influence others, enabling you to be more effective in your sales career. In this program, students will receive “hands-on” instruction and coaching by veteran sales professionals, including active sales role-playing and personalized instructor feedback. You’ll also learn today’s best practices in strategic sales management and sales force operations, enabling you to successfully achieve your individual and team’s sales goals.

The Certificate in Professional Sales Leadership is ideal for those looking to improve their sales ability and confidence, and begin or advance their careers in sales. This certificate program combines personal selling theory with actual practice, with students choosing one product and one service and stewarding these throughout an entire sales cycle. In a format that emphasizes role playing alongside classroom instruction and discussion, students will learn to become sales “technicians,” developing their selling skills as they perfect a polished sales approach.

Key Concepts

  • Principles of marketing (B2B, B2C)
  • Customer research & prospecting
  • Creating winning sales presentations
  • Objections, negotiation, and closing sales
  • Legal aspects of selling & ethics
  • Sales operations management (CRMs, activity-based selling, sales organizations)


Joseph Ewell Joseph Ewell
New Orleans Market Manager | Humana Marketpoint
Philippe Lannelongue Philippe Lannelongue
International Marketing | University of New Orleans
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