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Course IN
Introduction to JavaScript

Course 1 of the JavaScript Certificate

COURSE 1:  Introduction to JavaScript
Sep 21st - Nov 20th, 2020  Earn up to 1.8 CEUs

Course Overview

Learning to write programs with today’s modern coding languages is easier than you might think. A knack for learning and a desire to solve problems are hallmarks of a good programmer. Industry professionals, freelance developers, and weekend hobbyists all can benefit from learning JavaScript. Known for speed, simplicity, and high demand in the job market many apps and websites use JavaScript to handle unseen functionality such as controlling buttons or manipulating data. In this course you’ll learn the foundations of programming with this powerful language.

This course is intended for students with little to no experience with JavaScript. Basic familiarity with HTML/CSS is not required but recommended. A strong typing ability is encouraged. Both of the aforementioned skills can be learned and practiced online through a number of free resources.

Introduction to JavaScript aims to provide students with a foundation in JavaScript programming through the following:

  • Lessons to be completed each week on your own
  • Learning exercises to develop and practice individual programming skills in JavaScript
  • Discussion forums to share code, and provide and receive feedback from classmates and instructors
  • Weekly scheduled web conferences to receive support from classmates and your instructor in real time

All course materials for this online course, including linked readings, videos, tutorials, and other resources, are provided and made accessible in the learning management system.

Key Concepts

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Develop basic algorithms in JavaScript
  • Recall and define key terms
  • Analyze, identify, and troubleshoot code for bugs
  • Explain how an algorithm works by interpreting the code


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Scrum Master | Accruent
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