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App & Website Development

Course 2 of the JavaScript Certificate

COURSE 2:  App & Website Development
Jan 11th - Mar 12th, 2021  Earn up to 2.4 CEUs

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Course Overview

App & Website Development expands upon the first course of the certificate program to introduce students to software engineering and Agile project management through the following:

  • Project-based learning activities centered on real-world scenarios
  • Participation in Scrum ceremonies that drive the software development process
  • Weekly discussions and progress review sessions
  • Weekly web conferences for real time interaction with classmates and students
  • Targeted support from the instructor

Prerequisite: Completion of Introduction to JavaScript (Course 1) or a demonstrated competency of JavaScript to be assessed by the instructor.

Key Concepts

Building on Introduction to JavaScript (Course 1 in this certificate), this course focuses on helping students develop a portfolio of work to showcase their skills, and gain exposure to and practice with collaboration and Agile project management for software engineering.

By the end of the this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe and participate in Agile project management, particularly the Scrum methodology and its rituals
  • Identify and explain the roles within a scrum team and purposes of scrum ceremonies
  • Analyze client requests to plan and then create an application that satisfies customer needs


Andrew Winstead Andrew Winstead
Scrum Master | Accruent
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