Want to know more about our upcoming Tech Workshops? Join us for an information session on October 21!

Join workshop instructors Rose Espiritu (Introduction to MEAN Web Development), Andrew Winstead (Introduction to JavaScript), and Erin Anderson (Introduction to Python & Python Programming and Python for Data Analysis) to become oriented with these workshops and learn how these offerings can be stacked together, followed by a Q&A to address any questions. This workshop information session will be held Monday, October 21, from 5-5:30pm in the Bicentennial Education Center, Room #305m, The PaCE Computer Lab.

Introduction to MEAN Web Development


The MEAN Stack is a set of JavaScript technologies used to build full-stack web applications for both startups and enterprises. Upon completion, students will come to understand the fundamentals of MongoDB: a NoSQL database, Express: a web application framework for Node.js, Angular: a front-end web framework, and Node: a server side runtime environment.

By the end of the workshop students will know how to build a Single-Page Application (SPA) with their own API and connect to a database.

Basic experience with web development and JavaScript will be helpful.

Master Key Concepts

  • Develop a Single Page Application using Angular
  • Route a Single Page Application
  • Design and build RESTful APIs using Node.js and Express
  • Create and interact with a MongoDB database
  • Build full-stack features


Rose Espiritu
Software Engineer | GE Power

Rose Espiritu is a software engineer at GE Power and a former coding boot camp instructor at Operation Spark. She specializes in front-end web development using technologies such as JavaScript, Angular, React, HTML, and SASS to build enterprise-level applications. In addition, Rose serves as the build and release manager for one of GE Power’s premier applications with the responsibility of managing production deployments.