Mike Goldman

Python Developer

Mike Goldman is a Python developer and enthusiast. He is an advocate of “pythonic” programming as well as test-driven development and software development best practices. Mike has over seven years working as Geospatial Software Developer for multiple companies, including Deloitte & Touche; Radiance Technologies, Inc.; Iteris, Inc.; and Entergy. He has also recently worked as a Data Engineer for DXC in the New Orleans area. Mike has also spent over a decade working as the Bioinformatics Coordinator at The University of Southern Mississippi, aiding in furthering the science of biomedical research. As well as being a Python developer, Mike is the founder and coordinator of the New Orleans Python Enthusiast Meetup Group where he helps to foster a deeper understanding of software development with Python as well as mentoring junior programmers.

Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies with a specialization in computer science and fine arts, and his master of science degree in geography with a focus on geospatial information sciences from the University of Southern Mississippi.

As well as his passion for software development, Mike is an avid backpacker, kayaker, sailor, and amateur radio operator. Mike is the founder of the Bouie River Cleanup Project based in Hattiesburg, MS. There he led river cleanup projects across southern Mississippi cleaning up litter along rivers and creeks in southern Mississippi, as well as raising awareness of issues associated with water bodies in the Southern United States.