This workshop will help participants—Directors of Development, Board members, and Executive Directors—identify and develop opportunities to increase fundraising for their organizations and better manage their fund development strategies. The material will focus on grant writing, individual donor development, fundraising campaigns, events, and how to create an effective fundraising plan. Workshop material will focus on proven best practices for nonprofit fundraising, and participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences with fellow practitioners.

Master Key Concepts

  • Creating a written fundraising plan
  • Learning strategies for individual donor development
  • Utilizing fundraising campaigns and giving days
  • Understanding grants management
  • Developing events


Nora Ellertsen
Founder and CEO | The Funding Seed

Nora Ellertsen is Founder and CEO of The Funding Seed, a New Orleans-based company that helps people learn how to raise money for their nonprofits.  As a fundraising professional, she raised money for environmental, human rights, and civil liberties causes through grassroots fundraising, major donor development, grant writing, fundraising events, and other fundraising activities.  Since founding The Funding Seed, she has worked with more than 80 nonprofits to help them develop the resources they need to thrive.