Conflict is an inevitable part of our everyday professional lives. As the high cost of conflict on organizational goal attainment becomes more apparent, employers have placed a growing emphasis on the importance of successfully managing conflict in the workplace. The Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Peace Building trains professionals and leaders from all fields how to successfully resolve differences in the workplace and beyond. Using an interdisciplinary approach, participants will learn how to effectively understand, manage, and resolve conflict. Utilizing contemporary conflict resolution theory and practitioner’s tools, participants will learn through interactive, hands-on practice and receive personalized, real-time feedback and coaching to develop and hone their communication skills. Both courses culminate in capstone projects  where participants will  apply the  skills they have learned to effectively resolve a conflict in their workplace. The two-part Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Peace Building provides a timely, cost-effective, and highly interactive grounding in the emerging field of conflict resolution and offers you the opportunity to learn from local and national experts in the fields of restorative justice, community mediation, and non-adversarial problem solving.

Course 1:
Understanding Conflict & Communication

Central to effective conflict resolution is understanding how conflict arises, how to utilize different approaches to conflict, how to actively listen, and how to give and receive meaningful feedback. In this course, students will learn the foundational principles of conflict resolution and how to improve and employ your communication skills to resolve conflict. Program participants will prepare throughout the course for a final capstone project that utilizes what they have learned to resolve a conflict in their workplace.

Master Key Concepts

  • Identifying the Nature of Conflict
  • Understanding Conflict Management Styles
  • Using Conflict as a Tool for Positive Change
  • Developing Intercultural Communication Skills
  • Facilitating Difficult Conversations

Course 2:
Mastering Conflict Resolution & Advanced Communication

Building on the fundamental concepts learned in course one, this course will help you to hone your conflict resolution strategies and addresses concepts such as emotional intelligence, neutrality, non-judgmental communication, and balancing power in conflict resolution. Program participants will prepare throughout the course for a final capstone project that utilizes what they have learned to resolve a conflict in their workplace.

Master Key Concepts

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility in Conflict Resolution
  • Bystander Challenge in the Workplace
  • Theory and Practice of Mediation
  • Restorative Approaches: Theory & Facilitative Skills

Course Instructors

Jules Griff
Community-Police Mediation Program Director,
New Orleans Office of the Independent Police Monitor

Jules Griff is a mediator, facilitator, restorative approaches specialist, social justice advocate, and trainer. Currently, Jules serves as the New Orleans Community-Police Mediation Program Director, overseeing all program operations including policy, evaluation, mediator training and development, outreach, and case management. Jules has  worked with the CPMP since 2015 as a mediator, consultant, volunteer, and director. Jules is a Certified Mediator in the Inclusive Model of Mediation and a certified Community Conferencing Facilitator and trainer of Restorative Approaches. She is a volunteer with the Center for Restorative Approaches, providing conflict resolution in New Orleans schools and serves on the Board of Directors of the Re-entry Mediation Institute of Louisiana (REMILA).

Wendy Firven Smith
Conflict Resolution Specialist, Tulane University
Coordinator, New Orleans Office of the Independent Police Monitor

Wendy Firven Smith is a Certified Mediator, conflict resolution specialist, facilitator, and consultant. Currently, Wendy serves as Conflict Resolution Specialist at Tulane University and Coordinator for civilian/police complaints with the Office of the Independent Police Monitor, assisting with case intake and mentoring new mediators. As an experienced mediator and conflict resolution specialist, she is as passionate as she is committed to expanding restorative practices in the city of New Orleans. Wendy is a Masters-level Community Counselor, who is especially drawn to working in communities by making direct impact through serving individuals, families, and organizations via prevention and intervention programming. Her professional work as a senior mediator and coach informs her practice in the field of Conflict Resolution by incorporating her educational training and professional experience.