Accessing your online class

For students enrolled in online classes

Using Moodle

Students enrolled in online courses will use the content management system Moodle to access class content.

Moodle for Students | Moodle Requirements

UNO on iTunes U

These video tutorials will walk you through the setup required to access course content on your Mac or PC computer using the iTunes application, or on your iPad or iPhone using the iTunes U app.

Video Tutorials: UNO on iTunes U

Adobe Connect (Web Conferencing)

(Section 486) Web Conferencing courses are real-time “live” classes where students use the free software, Adobe Connect. Internet delivered web conference synchronous courses can be attended from your home, workplace, even your car – any place with broadband internet connection.

Student’s Guide to Adobe Connect | Adobe Connect Requirements

Compressed Video Courses

(Section 474) Students at remote classroom sites can interact live with students at other classrooms along with the Instructor via television. This is a synchronous course that requires each student be at a specific physical location on specific days at specific times.

Learn more about compressed video courses